WHY Turkey & Why Antalya

Why Turkey?

Literally a Bridge: Between contemporary & traditional
A Country of Harmony: For embracing east and west, past and future
Cultural Identity: A strong identity being home to many civilizations
Easy Access: Accessible from all over the world with direct and transit flights
Growing Economy: Listed one of the most strongest economies among the growing countries

Why Antalya?

Meeting Facilities: There are high-capacity state-of-the-art meeting facilities
Technical Site Visit: Giving the opportunity to follow tunnelling works
Hotel Capacity and Prices: It has reasonably priced, modern, internationally acclaimed hotels that can accommodate roughly 50.000 people per night
Transportability: International direct flights from most of European cities, a short ride (30 minutes) from the airport to congress venue
History: It offers an abundance of cultural and historical interests, with monuments and awe-inspiring architecture everywhere
Weather: The weather is pleasant from March through November
Cuisine: The cuisine is some of the best in the world, with many international flavors
Entertainment: The lively streets and bazaars are shoppers’ heaven
A Relaxing Holiday: By Mediterranean Sea in sunny weather of Antalya

In addition to all these features, experience famous warm and genuine Turkish hospitality...