Tourism Capital of Turkey Belek, ANTALYA

As the first in Turkey and the third city in the world in terms of hosting foreign tourist, Antalya has 628.660 beds with having the 42 percentage of total bed capacity of Turkey.

Antalya offers 128.000 beds with 910 facilities approved by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The total number of bed capacity approved by both Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Municipality is 628.660 with 291.000 rooms in 2.799 hotels.

Serik district including the Belek Tourism Center which has NEST Congress and Exhibition Center as well stand as featured area of Antalya with 73.605 beds capacity in 108 facilities.

But when it comes to close options to NEST Congress & Convention Center, the hotels which are located in a distance up to 3 km at most from NEST, can be grouped in the first circle. In this first circle there are 16 hotels with the total room capacity of 7.431.

If the area is expanded and the hotels from 3 to 10 km from NEST are also considered, the results go higher. In addition to list of first circle above, the number of hotels in this expanded circle is 38 and the room capacity is 16.914.

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For 2023 the anticipated average rates for per room and per night ranges:
Per person in double room From 50 Euro to 200 Euro
Single room From 80 Euro to 300 Euro