Venue: NEST Congress & Exhibition Center

A New Standard in Meetings
In addition to providing the largest meeting hall in Turkey, NEST Congress and Exhibition Center accommodates suitable areas for all meetings and congresses with a range of needs with its flexible and functional hall structure. With Main Foyers on each floor, NEST has five halls of different sizes and a 6,000 m2 Main Hall which can be split into two Intermediary Foyers.

There are 24 breakout halls between 36-320 m2 and 5,000 m2 ground floor meeting halls that can be split into two Intermediary Foyers, all of which can be combined and extended individually or collectively. In the 6,000 m2 pillar-free Main Hall, a seating arrangement of 10,000 people, including the stage, can be provided.

In the Main Hall, ceilings are 10 meters high and 5 meters high in the breakout halls. With a large number of high-capacity underfloor connections for electricity, data, water and compressed air in all areas, in addition to truss hanger points on the ceilings, your meetings, stand areas and banquet activities can be installed to your preference in any area within the entire facility, without any restrictions.

Thanks to the numerous service entry zones on both floors, logistical challenges before and after the event are eliminated. All the organizational details have been considered, such as a large number of material input and output at the same time and the simultaneous entry of different companies for the installation of stand areas.