Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As the Republic of Turkey, our state has strengthened its place as a reputable state among other countries through its modernization efforts in social, cultural, artistic, commercial and industrial spheres and so on from its foundation until now.

As known, transportation and access are major factors decisive for countries’ level of development. In this respect, our country has become an outstanding force at national and international level due to its qualified transportation system offering many alternatives. Many activities were and are still performed regarding construction considered as a driver of positive change. Especially tunnels which are constructed via modern project design and construction techniques regarding tunnelling and underground spaces have been swiftly commissioned.

“Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Çamlık Tunnel, Orhangazi Tunnel, Ovit Tunnel, New Zigana Tunnel, Mavi Tunnel, Silvan Tunnel, Gerede Tunnel” are just a few of the most recent projects in our country in the field of tunnelling and underground spaces.

Established in 1990 with the mission of closely following and supporting scientific and technological developments, evaluating and disseminating technical knowledge and having become a member of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) as a “Member Nation” in 1994, the Turkish Road Association has been instrumental in transferring new inventions and new practices to the respective sectors and also contributed to science and technology by holding national and international events for nearly 30 years.

Strengthening its relations with international organizations, our Association successfully organized “ITA-AITES 2005 WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS and 31st ITA GENERAL ASSEMBLY” in İstanbul / Turkey on May 7-12, 2005 in collaboration with the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association. 15 years after this event, our Association has decided to be a candidate for organizing the largest event of ITA-AITES, “WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS and GENERAL ASSEMBLY”, in Antalya / Turkey in 2023 so as to share the knowledge acquired regarding the construction and technology of the tunnels and underground spaces built in our country and to exchange the achievements gained about changes and developments concerning tunnel project design and construction technologies in other countries.

We sincerely and heartily hope that you will vote as a delegate for Antalya / Turkey during the election to be held at “ITA-AITES 46th GENERAL ASSEMBLY” in September 2020 for the selection of the country and city where “ITA-AITES WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS 2023 and 49th GENERAL ASSEMBLY” to be held.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Antalya in 2023 and hosting you with Turkish hospitality.

Abdulkadir URALOĞLU
Chairman of Turkish Road Association